Recommended rural houses in Alénya

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Alenya (Pirineos Orientales (Rosellón)) Francia

General Information:

Our department has a wealth of treasures: different types of countryside which are equally attractive an important architectural heritage, living traditions and culture.
Five of ours villages are classed amongst “the most beautiful villages of France (Eus, Villefranche de Conflent, Castelnou, Evol, Mosset).
The “Conseil Général” manages the following natural sites directly: the classified site of Bouillouses, the nature reserve of Nyer, the marine reserve of Cerbere-Banyuls, the lake of Villeneuve de la Raho.
It also administers the following cultural sites: the palace of the Kings of Majorca at Perpignan, the Priory of Serrabonne, the Chapel Notre Dame des Anges and the Chateau Royal at Collioure.

Recommended rural houses in Pirineos Orientales (Rosellón)

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Alénya (Pirineos Orientales (Rosellón))
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