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Restaurante Venta El Gallo


Restaurante Venta El Gallo

Granada (Granada) España

General Information:

Nestled in the valleys which look out to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, what was once the last capital of Al-Andalus is today a city of contrasts and a symbiosis of cultures and artistic styles.
The Muslims were responsible for a large part of its exceptional heritage, along with an enchanting urban design with narrow alleyways, beautiful gardens and numerous wells and fountains.
But there is also another Granada, the Christian and Renaissance Granada which was chosen by the Catholic Monarchs as their final abode.
With the imposing figure of the Alhambra overlooking the Albaicín and Sacromonte Quarters and their enclosed gardens, balconies and cave dwellings,the City of the Nasrids offers cultural events of the highest level, highly personal gastronomy and arts and crafts, modern infrastructures and, above all, the special character which has on so many occasions inspired famous artists and writers.


Real de la Alhambra,s/n
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Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, together with the Generalife. Formerly a Palace, citadel and fortress,residence of the Nasrid Sultans, high dignitaries, servants of the court and elite soldiers (for the 13th to 14th centuries).
The complex may be divided into four zones: the Palaces, the military zone or Alcazaba,the City or Medina and the gardens of the Generalife. It also includes the Renaissance Palace
of Carlos V, which houses the Alhambra Museum and the Fine Arts Museum.

What to do:

- Visits to the Arabian Palaces of the Alhambra.
- Relax in “modern” Arab Baths.
- Enjoy the International Music and Dance Festival, the International Jazz Festival and the Tango Festival.
- Purchase traditional handicrafts in La Alcaicería.
- Savour delicious “tapas” in Plaza Nueva, El Albaicín, the streets of the Centre and El Realejo.
- Try an authentic moorish tea and Arabic pastries in the teahouses.
- Let yourself be enchanted by the art of the “zambras” in El Sacromonte.


The combination of the culinary traditions of all the peoples who settled and lived in the city of Granada have evolved into a rich and varied gastronomy with its own unique character. Thus, the local cuisine includes traditional dishes prepared and seasoned in the old Arabic style, modern culinary creations from international cuisines, exotic flavours, and the typical pastries and cakes prepared by nuns in the local convents. The range of places is equally varied, from the most innovative and fashionable restaurant to the most traditional tavern.


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Recommended rural houses in Granada

Granada (Granada)
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