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Molina de Segura (Murcia) España

Molina de Segura Tourist Information:

Molina de Segura is a municipaity in the province and region of Murcia, Spain. Molina de Segura is the main city of La Vega Media with a municipal area of 169 Km2. It is situated just 10 km away from the capital, Murcia. It is the fourth largest city of the Region of Murcia with more than 71000 inhabitants.
It has excellent communications by highway. The railway station is located in the capital just 10 km away from Molina, San Javier airport just 58 km and Alicante Airport 87 km away from Molina.
During the 20th century, Molina de Segura was one of the main industrial cities of the Region, specially canned food factories. We can see some chimneys that remind us that period in different squares.
Nowadays, its economy is based on the agriculture and the industry, especially leather and candy factories. Molina was inhabited since prehistoric times by Mediterranean civilizations such as the Argaric, Iberian, Roman and Moorish.
We found evidences that Iberians and Romans settled in the old part of Molina (Castle Quarter) but it was considered as a city in the Arabic period. Around the Castle quarter, we find different places worthy a visit: remains of a medieval wall and a Viewpoint with spectacular views over "La huerta", on the top of the castle Quarter called La Maita; The Old Square, where the first Council was placed; The Assumption Church, the oldest church of the city; The Council Oven and Folklore House Museum and The Mudem, a museum with medieval remains dated from the 11th to the 13th century.
It is possible to see another piece of this medieval wall in Pensionista Street, in the Tourist Office.Another building worthy a visit is the jail house dated from the 17th century. This place was a public granary and a temporal jail. Now it is an exhibition room.
Molina de Segura has 4 museums. The most ancient is the Ethnographic Museum Carlos Soriano in El Llano.
The Albarda Museum of Rites and Traditions of Molinatries to explain customs, lifestyles, superstitions and beliefs of the dry area of Molina de Segura.
The Council Oven and Folklore House Museum contains the oldest oven of Molina and the only one until the 18th century. It explains Baker’s work and everything related to this job. It also includes a small sample of local folk.
The Mudem Museum contains 125 metres of the medieval wall dated from the XI to XIII Century, 5 square towers, a 9 side tower and a triple elbow door.

· TOURIST ROUTES: The City Council offers five tourist routes and a program of Free Guided Visits. There is also a program to visit the local museums for groups and schools. The tour "Medieval Molina" includes a visit around the old town that goes back to the middle Ages. "Among Chimneys" is a tour around some chimneys from the industrial past of Molina. "Shopping Molina" Is a route along the commercial area of Molina de Segura. "Among Mountains", is a route to discover the beautiful landscape of the North of Molina. This is the perfect area to enjoy hiking as well as activities such as climbing, caving, etc... "Path’s Flow" such as Segura River, the Northwest Greenway, The Real Path and its connections with local tours.
· URBAN SCULPTURES: In some squares next to the chimneys from the industrial past of Molina, we will see sculptures of renowned contemporary artists. So that manufacturing spaces in the past, now have been turned into recreational and cultural spaces. La Dama de Molina (The Lady of Molina), made by Manolo Valdés, is placed in a modern square next to Mudem museum. The lady has been chosen to represent the new tourist image of Molina de Segura.

Gastronomy of Molina de Segura:

The gastronomy of Molina de Segura is linked to vegetables and fruits of our land. We have the best option to buy fresh products of own lands. Every Saturday the biggest street Market of the Region is celebrated in the Company Park with more than 500 stalls. There, you can buy fresh products among others. A new generation of young chefs has fused the traditional kitchen with the modern one and tapas’ culture (Spanish – style starters).

Feasts and Traditions in Molina de Segura:

Annually, Molina de Segura holds the International Theatre Festival, one of the longest festivals of Spain, and the B-Side Festival (An Indie Music Festival), which covers the latest trends in music and hosts national and international groups.
Molina de Segura hold a lot of Cultural Facilities such as the modern Villa de Molina’s Theatre with every four month stage play program, several exhibition halls in: "La Cárcel", "El Jardín", "Los Postigos", "Ethnographic Carlos Soriano Museum" and "The Mudem Museum".
The Handcraft Market "Zoco de Guadalabiad" is celebrated every first Saturday of the month. Each month this themed handcraft market takes place in different spaces. There, you can buy local artisan products such as meats, cheeses, pastries, bread, liquors, ceramics, jewellery, soap, weaving, embroidery, leather, etc.., with live demonstrations.
The Holy Week in Molina has recovered its splendours in recent decades and involves four brotherhoods. Every holy Wednesday in Torrealta district, an emotive and live Way of the Cross is celebrated every year since 1998 by the inhabitants of the town.
The Local Festivities In honour to the Patron Saint "La Consolación Virgin" begin the first Saturday of September with a traditional pilgrimage, whose origin dates back to the eighteenth century. It is worth pointing out the floral offering. This day a parade takes place and everybody brings bouquets of flowers and wears regional costumes from the Spain Square to the Assumption Church.

Nature and Routes in Molina de Segura:

Molina de Segura has a wonderful natural heritage, with diverse environments. The first natural space to highlight is Vicente Blanes Public Ecological Park, located in the south of the Regional Park of the Sierra de la Pila. It counts with several public facilities: the recreational area La Vaguada, arboretum, the campsite El Olivar, lookout points.
The Lagunas de Campotéjar wetland, and The Salar Gordo, form part of a natural reserve which is internationally recognized since January 2011. That space is included on the list of wetlands RAMSAR. They count with the presence of many waterfowls, two of them included in worldwide list of endangered species.
Molina de Segura is a municipality that has always maintained an intimate connection with the river Segura, a space that has been the main axis of its economy for many years.
The Local tourist hostel is located in the Public Ecological Park Vicente Blanes. It has capacity for 54 people. The hostel has two floors with bunk bed rooms. It is well equipped with a lot of amenities such as a swimming pool, changing rooms, multipurpose room, kitchen, utility room, with disabled access that makes possible to host any kind of tourist groups, associations, etc.
· NATURAL ROUTES: Under the slogan "Paths of Molina, a delight for the senses", Molina de Segura encourages the use of marked tracks that cover interesting natural places in the municipality, such as the Sierra de la Espada Path; the Path "Rambla del Chorro"; "Sendero Sierra del Águila"; "Sendero Campo de Molina", with 24 kms. approved as PR-MU 83; the Eco-tourist itinerary "Los Cordeles", the Northwest Greenway in its path through Molina de Segura, perfect for travelling safely by bike or walking, and the greenway "La Fuente" which, on foot or by bike, connects natural areas of Molina de Segura’s southeast.


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